Easy PLAIN TEXT document automation.

Automate text using simple setups.
Quickly assemble a wide range of documents.
Amazing results in very little time.
No complex programming required!
Straightforward document setups.
No hidden fields or complex codes.
Desktop-like document editor. Simple. Intuitive.

Keep documents in the cloud. Edit assembled documents on- or off-line.

Document Assembly
Document Automation
Truly Instant Database
AES 256 grade encryption
Disaster Recovery
99.9% Uptime

Cross browser - Cross platform.

Work on your document with any device using any browser from any place in the world!

3rd party storage support!
Google Drive

The first true PLAIN TEXT document assembly system made for the WEB!

Complete feature List

We play nice!

We believe that your data is YOUR data. Pathagoras On Cloud does not lock you in it's own storage. We support Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox!

*NetDocuments support on the way also!

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